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In today’s economy we understand that our customers are looking for quality and affordable services. Our company can meet all your well and pump requirements.

General Service

We provide a long list of general maintence services.

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Emergency Work

We are a 24 /7 Emergency Service Company. Call us today

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Yearly Maintenance

We provide a yearly service to maintain your well so that your well performs at its optimal performance.

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Service Upgrades

We use only quality materials.

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Pump Replacement & Installation

We pull out and replace pumps of various horsepower and sizes from ½ horse and up. We can also pull deep setting pumps.

Tank Replacement & Installation

We replace bladder captive air tanks and galvanized tanks. We also offer yearly maintenance for galvanized tanks such as air charges and system checkups.

Underground Leak Repairs

We are experienced in repairing underground supply lines that run from the well to the pressure tank.

Well Acidizing

Over time minerals build up on the well screen slowing down the water flow into the well. By Acidizing the well the minerals are cleaned from the screen therefore restoring the well to its original production.


If you have a high iron problem, you might want to treat your well once a year to kill bad iron bacteria. It may test high in e-coli or coliform. Chlorinating will help make your water safe. If you suspect any of these problems, please contact us for a water evaluation.

Pressure Tanks

If your water pressure is fluctuating greatly, or your pump is clicking on and off too frequently, you may need maintenance for your system.

Water Sample

A proper sample is taken and sent to the health department’s analytical lab where it is tested for the presence of coliform bacteria, excessive bacteria growth, E-Coli, and/or nitrates.

Well System Evaluations

We conduct well evaluations for homeowners and real estate agents. We perform a flow test (the gallons per minute the well produces), check the condition of the pressure tank, and air pressure. We also make sure the well casing and cap are in compliance with state code.

Deep Set Submersible

We have the capability to pull deep set submersibles.

Well Abandonment

When a well is no longer being used (if the home is on city water or a new well was drilled) the well should be sanitized and properly abandon with state approved materials.

Service Irrigation Systems

Constant Pressure Systems

Service Plan

We provide a yearly service to maintain your well so that your well performs at its optimal performance.